Hi! My name is Zack or better known as Adventure Addict here and on social media. I’ve created this website to share my outdoor and travel experiences and to inform and inspire people to vist the great natural wonders throughout the United States.

The first National Park director Stephen Mather once said of the United States “It owns the most inspiring playgrounds and the best equipped nature schools in the world and is serenely ignorant of the fact”. The National Park system is now over one hundred years old and this statement still stands true today. People turn to other parts of the globe in search of natural wonders because they don’t know what is in there own back yard. America has the longest cave, the hottest desert, the biggest canyon, the tallest trees and countless other natural wonders.

Here at AdventureAddict.net I write about these natural wonders. Though many of these places I’ll share can’t truly be explained with words, defined by names, or even shown by pictures I will try my hardest. Thanks for visiting and I hope my posts will help inspire you to enjoy the great lands I call home!